In house services

In-house Services

Hire your own in-house lawyer when you need it

In-house legal counsel

When you need it. Only when you need it.

The majority of businesses need reliable and efficient legal advice from time to time, but many cannot justify the cost or time of a full-time in-house lawyer.

That's where our in-house legal service is a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

The main benefits for you are:

  • Reliable and experienced legal advice, only when you need it
  • Legal assistance to fill a skill or capacity gap in your business
  • The services of an in-house lawyer without the cost of a permanent employee
How does it work?
  • We work in your office, from our office or remotely
  • We are available on-call
  • You can engage us for one hour, one week, one month - whatever timeframe you want
  • We can assist with all types of assignments, from the straightforward and everyday to the large and complex
Our lawyers

We have two lawyers, including Director and Principal Lawyer Stefanie McDowell, who are available for on-call work dedicated to in-house legal work for construction/civil/project work.

About Stefanie
Stefanie has a strong track record in managing large-scale commercial ventures, both in Australia and overseas, and is trusted by many successful companies for her in-house legal service.

She has significant experience in the construction, civil, mining, concrete, quarries and transport industries, delivering a wide range of services including:

  • INSURANCE - claims management, policy and program review; identifying risks, business objectives and requirements with broker; and undertaking existing insurance program reviews, assessment of program compliance.
  • CONSTRUCTION contract administration - whole-of-life overseeing, turnkey projects, issues resolution, HIA and Master Builders contracts, and Australian Standards contracts.
  • PROPERTY & COMMERCIAL - fixed price residential conveyancing, commercial & industrial subdivisions & development agreements, joint ventures and alliance contracting.
  • TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS - supply chain delays, claims and agreements. 
  • SPORTS & EVENT SPONSORSHIP - sponsorship and management agreements, and player/athlete contracts.
For legal advice that is approachable, down-to-earth and astute, call us on
0434 651 778
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