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Solution Orientated and Strategic Thinkers

Range Lawyers is a Toowoomba based, modern law firm that has been created with you the client in mind. Our primary objective is to provide legal advice of a high quality, but that is also reflective of commercial realities. We always call a spade a spade. Some people will appreciate our honesty, others won’t. Range Lawyers is result driven and achieves success by being innovative with our solutions, hardworking, and keeping your vision firmly in mind.

Range Lawyers specialises in all aspects of commercial law, including infrastructure and construction projects, property development, civil workds and mining services. We have advised clients on various commercial transactions including hotel, residential, industrial, mixed use developments including roads, gas, water and power projects. We have experience in contract administration, construction and projects law across all industries, including drafting and analysis of EPC contracts, FIDIC contracts, ECI contracts, JV agreements (incorporated and unincorporated), Australian Standard contracts and other building and civil engineering contracts. We’ve represented companies, investors, developers and sponsors in Australia and globally. We’ve also acted for high net worth individuals, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Understanding What’s Important To You

As locals that were born and bred in Toowoomba, we understand the complexities and deep impacts of developments in the region. We have lived through different stages of policy, and the amalgamation of the different councils. We have experienced first-hand the concern experienced by farmers as they have lost their productive lands to coal seam gas, and the ripple effects of coal seam gas exploration. As such, we are able to provide an understanding and personable service to you, no matter your walk of life.
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Our Mission and Vision

Range Lawyers are based on the Great Dividing Range in Toowoomba Queensland, Australia. We are a boutique law firm that provides a different delivery of legal service. This is born out of many years providing fast-paced, relevant commercial solutions to the building, construction, civil, mining, concrete/cement, quarrying and transport industries, for more than a decade all over Australia and in countries such as PNG, Russia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, on sites and projects.

The practice is driven by commercial realities, always seeking best outcomes for clients. Our service adds value to your business and individuals via value-for-money services, timely advice, and a holistic consideration of issues. We work with some of the best advisers in the business to deliver what clients want, when they want it. 
Range Lawyers are enthusiastic about their work and clients; genuinely enjoy seeing projects progress to their successful completion. We can assist every step of the way with providing not only legal advice but also putting forth commercial solutions , understanding of what drives projects and the companies that are delivering them. We are risk managers that can add significant value to our clients' business at a cost that is realistic.

Out of standard hours? Not a problem. Problems don’t know the time. We seek to provide commercial solutions to your issues when you need them.

For businesses

We cover the full gambit from expression of interest stage, tender review, preparations of commercial departures, contract negotiation, assessment of risks for project insurance placement, contract administration and assistance with issue resolution/s and insurance claims preparation, submission and negotiation with assessors. We provide our client real-time viewing of work in progress.

For individuals

How do we add value? Simple. We care. We consistently exceed expectations and seek to break down legal stereotypes. 

We don’t over-complicate things. We provide fixed prices where possible, and we pride ourselves on communicating at all stages.

For the community

We give our time to numerous causes and believe in the growth of the region, its uniqueness and future potential. 

Our actions are our footprints.  

Our Employees

Range Lawyers are proud signatories to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Mental Health Guidelines for Lawyers. The legal profession can take its toll and ensuring the psychological wellbeing of staff is a major consideration for our firm. The Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation created guidelines that employers can implement in their practice to ensure their employees receive all the support and assistance they need. The TJMF guidelines are designed to promote a healthy, happy, supportive work environment that fosters positivity, productivity and encouragement. This philosophy is fully endorsed and followed by Range Lawyers.
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Stefanie McDowell, Principal Lawyer

Stefanie McDowell, Principal Lawyer Range Lawyers Cert (GS) 

For specialist services regarding management, insurance and litigation for the construction and mining industries in Queensland, call us on 0434 651 778.
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